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What information can you provide on Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech?

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Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech is a children's fantasy novel that focuses on the importance of home and the love of a family. The novel follows the adventures of orphaned twins Dallas and Florida who find themselves living with the Moreys, an elderly couple who reside in Ruby Holler. Through a series of events, the twins and the Moreys become a family.

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Ruby Holler is a children's fantasy novel written by Sharon Creech in the early 2000s. The theme of the novel focuses on the importance of home and family in a child's life.

The novel revolves around thirteen-year-old twins Dallas and Florida, an orphaned brother and sister who constantly get into trouble. At the beginning of the novel, the siblings live with the Trepids, a strict couple who run the Boxton Creek orphanage. The story begins when the twins are sent to help an elderly couple, Sairy and Tiller Morey, who are planning one of their last adventures. The Moreys, who live in a valley known as Ruby Holler, adopt Dallas and Florida and enlist their help on two vacations. Tiller and Florida plan to go rafting ,while Sairy and Dallas intend to explore an island.

Mr. Trepid is the antagonist of the story as he plots to steal the Morey's life savings; in order to do this, he enlists the help of Z, Tiller and Sairy's neighbor. Mr. Trepid hires Z to make a map of Ruby Holler, denoting the location of the Morey's life savings. Through a series of incidents, Z learns that Dallas and Florida are his long-lost children and purposefully leaves off the location of the Morey's savings. When Tiller suffers a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital, Z bonds with his children, and the three set up traps for Mr. Trepid, who fails to steal the Morey's life savings. The novel concludes with Dallas and Florida living with Sairy and Tiller as a family.

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