What actions does Marion take to attract the men's attention in "Shane", and why?

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What Marian is doing to gain the men's attention is wear her hat differently. Shane told her that this is how women in the cities wear their hats. Unfortunately, none of the men pay any attention to her, and instead they keep on hacking away at the stump.

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Since Shane came into her life Marian has become a woman transformed. No longer seeing herself as a humble farmer's wife and household drudge, she starts to dress up, just like the city women that Shane's told her about. He's regaled Marian with tales about how urban women dress, particularly the fancy hats they wear. This has stimulated Marian's imagination, and she resolves to be just like them.

Marian can't afford to buy the kind of hats that women wear in the big cities, so she wears one of her existing hats so that it resembles the latest fashions. In doing so, she hopes to impress everyone and make them see her in a different light. Of course Marian wants to make herself look attractive for Shane, but she also wants her husband and son to see her transformed into someone different.

Sadly for Marian, her new look is largely ignored. Neither her husband nor her son—nor Shane, for that matter—pay her the slightest bit of attention. Instead, they just keep on with what they were doing, hacking away at the stump.

Frustrated and annoyed by the lack of annotation Marian goes back to wearing her hat the old way, saying that she's proud to dress like a farmer's wife rather than a stylish city woman.

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