(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Catherine Saint has built a lucrative career as a celebrity and rock star photographer, but she remains haunted by past tragedies that mar her otherwise dreamlike and sheltered life. The accidental death of her lesbian lover and her rape by the therapist she sought to help her with her grief have left their marks. Despite this pain, Catherine leads a privileged life among the rich and famous, is wealthy herself, and has a male lover who fulfills her sexual desires.

Urged by friends to hire an assistant to spare her the ordinary details of her business affairs, Catherine chooses a handsome young Englishman, even though he gives her former therapist as a reference. Catherine begins to receive death threats in the mail and on her answering machine. She suspects the therapist, who settled out of court when she pressed charges against him.

Catherine’s new assistant leaves her a cryptic note that he has found problems with one of her bank accounts, but he is assaulted so severely that he becomes comatose before he can explain further.

A handsome detective begins investigating, and Catherine becomes more involved professionally with the hottest new rock band, The Newborns. The female member of the band is also the daughter of her lover.

Catherine is attacked and injured while photographing The Newborns at their rock concert, and finally discovers that someone has been forging her signature and stealing large sums from her bank account. Suspicion falls on her lover, and Catherine falls in love with the handsome detective. Interspersed throughout are dream sequences and flashbacks to Catherine’s childhood. As a bonus, Collins’ novel includes a two-cut CD sampler of her music.