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Rudolpho Anaya's novel, Shaman Winter (published in 1999), is the third of four of Anaya's series featuring the private investigator Sonny Baca as the protagonist. Sonny Baca is a private investigator in Albuquerque, and uses a wheelchair as a result of previous battles with one Raven. He is a former high school teacher and is dating a restaurant owner. He works tirelessly on his cases, and his dreams are haunted by Raven, the chief antagonist.

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Raven is Sonny's nemesis from the previous books in the Sonny Baca series. He is a cult leader with dangerous followers, who has achieved the ability to invade Sonny's dreams. In doing this, he threatens the ability to manipulate the past and even prevent Sonny's existence.

Owl Woman is the daughter of a shaman who lived in the late sixteenth century. She is one of Sonny's female ancestors, whose existence Raven threatens.

Don Eliseo is Sonny Baca's mentor, who guides him in spiritual and physical facets of Sonny's life. Eliseo is old and wise, and guides Sonny in his encounters with Raven.

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