Shades of Gray

by Carolyn Reeder

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Student Question

Why did Hank's dad spank him in Shades of Gray?

Expert Answers

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Shades of Gray is a young adult novel that was written by Carolyn Reeder. The story takes place shortly after the Civil War in America. William Page is a young man and the main character—who becomes an orphan after the Civil War. He finds himself living with his aunt and uncle on their farm in Virginia. William's family has died during the Civil War.

In the story, Hank is the son of the town's shopkeeper. Hank is regularly abused and beaten by his father whenever he misbehaves. Hank gets a spanking from his Dad because he tried to start a fight with Will. Hank acts like a bully, but despite these outward aggressions, Hank fears his father. Eventually, Hank and Will become friends after Hank changes his ways.

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