Shades of Gray

by Carolyn Reeder

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Student Question

How did Will get a scratch on his arm in Shades of Gray?

Expert Answers

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Will gets scratched by a rabbit he finds in a trap.

When Will is going to empty the traps, he's hoping that nothing is there. He's still new to the country life and isn't sure how to do many of the things that his aunt, uncle, and cousins can do. However, a rabbit is in the trap. Will is unsure about what to do, so he lifts the trap and opens it. The rabbit attacks him.

The trap falls to the ground, and the rabbit sneaks away. Will is left with only the claw marks on his arm. These let his family know that the traps weren't empty. He says he's only upset that there won't be rabbit stew for dinner. They make stew anyway, with a different rabbit.

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