Seven against Thebes

by Aeschylus

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Topics for Further Study

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The story of Oedipus’ tragedy is an very old one and one that was the subject of several tragedies. Try to research this story and determine its origin and source. How old is the Oedipus tragedy? Under what circumstances did it originate?

Spend some time looking for Greek art that represents the Oedipus tragedy. What kind of things are depicted in art of 5th-century B.C. Greece?

Research the role of early Greek drama in Greek life. What lessons might 5th-century Greek men learn from this play?

Research 5th-century B.C. Greek society. What is the role of women in this society? Is Eteocles’ reaction to the Chorus typical of the way men address the concerns of women?

Eteocles ignores the Chorus’s warning, citing fate as the controlling factor in his destiny. What is the role of fate in the Classical Greek belief system?

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