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Explore the stories of some famous women whose families came from countries that did not encourage women's independence, and report on how they overcame the difficulties put in their way.

Are American beauty contests becoming more open to people who look like Samona, or are they still steeped in the European concept of beauty, favoring girls with fair skin? Provide evidence to support your answer.

After Christianity, voodoo is the most common religion practiced in Haiti. Read about voodoo cultural practices, and explain what aspects of his family's background may have helped Seth believe Samona's story about what goes on at a wake.

Chantal expresses the wish to go back to Haiti and help the people there who are politically oppressed. Report on the situation in Haiti in 1995, when this novel was published, and what it is like today.
Find a recording of James Brown's song "Superbad," and choreograph your own funky chicken dance to it.

In this book, Jean-Claude teaches Reggie, a gang member, to read, and Anthony returns to school after a stay in the juvenile detention center. Explore the statistics on gang members who reform, and report on the programs that show the most success.

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