Set This House on Fire Chapter 10 and Epilogue Summary

William Styron

Chapter 10 and Epilogue Summary

After meeting Peter on the road, Cass returns home and sleeps for most of the day. He awakens only because he knows he needs to get the medicine from Mason and take it to Michele. As he goes up to Mason’s room, Francesca comes running out. Cass knows Mason has raped her. Francesca rushes to Cass, telling him that Mason caught her taking food. He took her up to his room and raped her. Later, he tried to again, but she kneed him in the groin. He beat her and she left, which is when Cass saw her.

Cass feels nothing but hate for Mason. He must go up and get the pills for Michele because he fears that any interruption of the medication would cause a setback. He sends Francesca away. He assures Peter that he never made love...

(The entire section is 529 words.)