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Last Updated September 6, 2023.

Scilla Todd

Scilla Todd, a dealer in London’s futures exchange, is intent on making her way in a man’s world. Initially determined to bring Jake’s murderer to justice, she abandons this mission and succumbs to the very moral decay that killed him.

Jake Todd

Jake Todd, Scilla’s brother, deals in commercial paper. After his insider trading activities are exposed, his plans to inform on others are ended by his murder. He represents the generational change in British society overall, not just finance. As an unsympathetic character who uses coercive tactics, many others have motives to kill him.

Greville Todd

Greville Todd, the father of Scilla and Jake, is a conservative stockbroker. He disguises his illegal dealings with empty rhetoric about upholding values. His interactions with the new traders lead to his denunciation by his Tory colleagues.

Zac Zackerman

Zac Zackerman, a New York banker, revels in financing hostile takeovers. As an American and a Jew, he faces prejudice from the British establishment that is nevertheless eager to obtain funding from him.

Jacinta Condor

Jacinta Condor, a wealthy Peruvian woman, tries to launder money in London. She combines predatory business tactics with contempt for the men she manipulates. Jacinta meets her match in Zac, whom she marries.

Billy Corman

Billy Corman is a corporate raider who masterminds the Albion takeover. He survives the financial scandal by having another, sexually based scandal substituted in the public eye.

Marylou Baines

Marylou Baines, an arbitrageur, is an American woman who climbs the ladder through aggressive techniques. After Jake’s death, she tries to cover up her involvement. Later she runs for president.


Frosby, Greville Todd’s old friend, is a staunch supporter of the establishment and London’s City, or financial center. After he blows the whistle on Jake, precipitating a financial crisis, Frosby takes his own life.

Nigel Ajibala

Nigel Ajibala, a Ghanaian importer, enriches himself through illegal dealings. He fleeces Corman and absconds with the funds.


Duckett, Albion’s fair-minded chairman, has a nervous breakdown after sees his career destroyed when the Corman takeover does not go through and his career is destroyed.

Ms. Biddulph

Ms. Biddulph is a white knight for Duckett. In exchange for a company of her own, she will step in and guarantee the security of his job when Corman takes over.


Soat, the president of Missouri Gumballs, works with the Klein and Merrick firm to acquire Corman.

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