Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Mr. Yorick

Mr. Yorick, the Sentimental Traveler. He reacts with exaggerated sensibility to the many, mainly humorous sentimental adventures of which he is a collector in his travels.

La Fleur

La Fleur, Yorick’s servant, a boy accomplished at flute playing and lovemaking.

Madame de L———

Madame de L———, a fellow traveler whom Yorick meets in Calais. He hopes that she will travel to Paris with him and is heartbroken that she must return to Belgium.

Madame de R———

Madame de R———, a lady living in Paris. Madame de L——— gives Yorick a letter of introduction to her.

Count de B———

Count de B———, a Frenchman enthusiastic about everything English. He mistakes Yorick for the character in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and, greatly pleased to meet so famous a person, presents him with a passport naming him the King’s Jester. Later, the count and his friends entertain Yorick at many parties while he is in Paris.

Count L———

Count L———, the brother of Madame de L———. He comes to take her back to Belgium, just as Yorick’s acquaintance with her is ripening.


Maria, an unhappy girl who wanders about the country grieving for her dead father. Yorick sees her in Moulines and sheds a few tears with her.