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Test on Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

by emeraldjde

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Age Levels: Grade 12
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Sense and Sensibility Test

  • Fanny Dashwood has two brothers. What are their names? a. Harry and Edward b. William and Harry c. Charles and James d. Robert and Edward
  • Explain why the Dashwood women are left poor after the death of their wealthy husband/father. a. Mr. Henry Dashwood left everything to his mistress instead of his family. b. Mr. John Dashwood is manipulated by his wife into breaking his promise. c. Mr. Henry Dashwood maliciously writes his wife and daughters out of his will. d. Mr. John Dashwood is a greedy, spiteful man who dislikes his family.
  • Where do Elinor and Marianne first meet their brother, John, in London? a. At a ball b. At the jeweler’s shop c. At the market d. At a dinner party
  • Who is the most mature Dashwood sister? a. Margaret b. Marianne c. Elinor d. Sophia
  • Name Marianne’s talents. a. Horseback riding and polo b. Singing and playing piano c. Juggling and telling jokes d. Acting and writing
  • What favorite object does Edward Ferrars return to Margaret Dashwood? a. A beloved Atlas b. A cherished photograph of her father c. The family cat d. Her favorite doll
  • Choose the adjectives that best describe the relationship between Elinor and Marianne. a. Bumbling and sinister b. Ignorant and blissful c. Confiding and loving d. Happy and content
  • What is Lucy Steele’s secret? a. She’s pregnant. b. She plans to run away. c. She’s dying. d. She’s engaged.
  • Who gives birth in the novel? a. Mrs. Jennings b. Mrs. Ferrars c. Mrs. Palmer d. Lady Middleton
  • Choose the best description of Fanny Dashwood. a. Loving and matronly b. Selfish and cold-hearted c. Ignorant and contemptible d. Malicious and hateful
  • Why is Marianne upset after the party in London? a. She finds out her love, John Willoughby, has been avoiding her because he’s engaged. b. She talks to Colonel Brandon, and he talks badly of Elinor all night, which displeases her. c. Mrs. Jennings, in her desire to marry off the Dashwood girls, sets her up with Robert Ferrars. d. She finds out that her sister back home at the cottage is ill and must leave immediately.
  • What does Marianne give to Willoughby as a token of her affection? a. A handkerchief b. A lock of hair c. A ring d. A rose from her garden
  • What is the connection between Colonel Brandon and John Willoughby?a. Col. Brandon was Willoughby’s commanding officer is the Royal British Army, and they used to visit the local pubs together when they were on duty. b. Col. Brandon promised to look after the orphaned daughter of his old love interest and Willoughby took advantage of her leaving Brandon with a special hatred for Willoughby. c. Willoughby was a friend of the Brandon family and grew up with Colonel Brandon in Eastcheap. d. Willoughby and Col. Brandon are part of a conspiracy to marry into the Dashwood family and take all of the money that was left to them.
  • Describe the misunderstanding surrounding Lucy Steele’s marriage.a. Margaret told Marianne that she was engaged to Edward when she was really engaged to Colonel Brandon. b. Mrs. Jennings spread a rumor around London that Lucy was married to Willoughby. c. Elinor thought that Lucy was married to Edward, when, in fact, she was married to his brother. d. Mrs. Dashwood tells Marianne that Lucy is married to Edward, and Marianne tells Elinor.
  • Choose the best description of Colonel Brandon. a. Awkward, bumbling, and snide b. Malevolent, rude, and boisterous c. Appreciative, self-serving, and romantic d. Gracious, kind, and honorable
  • What causes Marianne’s illness? a. She is lovesick and takes too many walks in the rain and catches a fever that makes her delirious. b. She is struck by the Plague on her journey into London with Mrs. Jennings. c. She catches a severe cold from the Palmers’ baby and cannot break it. d. She suffers from a reoccurring childhood illness that is roused by her heartbreak.
  • Why do the Palmers leave their home while Marianne is sick?a. They do not want anything to do with Marianne but do not have the heart to turn her out. b. They fear for their baby’s safety and leave on the doctor’s recommendation. c. They receive notice of urgent business they must attend to in London. d. They find out that Mr. Palmer’s mother is also ill, and they go to be with her.
  • To whom does Willoughby confess at the end of the novel? a. Mrs. Dashwood b. Margaret Dashwood c. Fanny Dashwood d. Elinor Dashwood
  • Mrs. Ferrars threatens to disinherit Edward unless he married whom? a. Elinor Dashwood b. Lucy Steele c. Lady Morton d. Marianne Dashwood
  • Whom does John Dashwood encourage Elinor to marry? a. Robert Ferrars b. Edward Ferrars c. John Willoughby d. Colonel Brandon


A basic test designed to serve as a quick assessment of Sense and Sensibility as a summer reading assignment. Answer key uploaded separately.

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