Self-Reliance Overview Quiz

"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string," Ralph Waldo Emerson advises in his essay, published in 1841, on how to avoid being a conformist and blaze a personal path. Be sure you understand the steps Emerson recommends for becoming "self-reliant" by taking the eNotes quiz about Emerson's best know work, "Self-Reliance."

  1. Why must men seek solitude?

  2. On what basis does progress occur?

  3. How does Emerson characterize traditional prayer?

  4. What is the "hobgoblin of little minds?

  5. Who or what does Emerson say a person needs to connect to God?

  6. What does Emerson consider a valid form of prayer?

  7. Regarding travel, what does Emerson say the wise man does?

  8. According to Emerson, what does every educated man eventually realize?

  9. What does Emerson say has made men weak and afraid of truth?

  10. Why do people not trust themselves?

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