Historical Context

New England Transcendentalism
Transcendentalism took root in New England in the mid-1830s in reaction against the rationalism...

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Self-Reliance Literary Style

Rational Argument
The essay is, above all, a carefully constructed rational argument with the goal of persuading readers to...

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Self-Reliance Compare and Contrast

Mid-1800s: Transcendentalism, which borrows some elements of Eastern philosophies and religions, takes hold in Massachusetts and...

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Self-Reliance Topics for Further Study

Emerson mentions many accomplished men in "Self-Reliance." List five to ten people who have lived since Emerson's time who are examples of...

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Self-Reliance What Do I Read Next?

Essays: First and Second Series (1990), edited by Douglas Crase, combines all of the essays that Emerson originally published in two...

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Self-Reliance Bibliography and Further Reading

‘‘Emerson: His Failure to Perceive the Meaning of Evil,’’ in The Cambridge History of English and American...

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Self-Reliance Bibliography

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