Text of the Poem

(Poetry for Students)

   1. Mother

I was born under the mudbank
and you gave me your boat.

For a long time
I made my home in your hand:
   your hand was empty, it was made
of four stars, like a kite; 5

you were afraid, afraid, afraid, afraid,
I licked it from your finger-spaces

and wanted to die.
Out of the river sparks rose up: 10

I could see you, your fear and your love.
I could see you, brilliance magnified.

That was the original garden:
seeing you.

2. Lover

Your hand was empty, it was made 15
of four stars, like a kite;

blessed I stood my fingers
in your blue finger-space, my eyes' light in

your eyes' light,
we drank each other in. 20

I dove down my mental lake fear and love:
first fear then under it love:

I could see you,
Brilliance, at the bottom. Trust you

stillness in the last red inside place. 25
Then past the middle of the earth it got light again.

Your tree. Its heavy green sway. The bright male city.
Oh that was the garden of abundance, seeing you.