What do Mr. Myles and Nora use to plant in Seedfolks?

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Mr. Myles and Nora use a large plastic trash barrel and a shovel to plant beautiful flowers.

Because Mr. Myles is in a wheelchair, Nora (his nurse) does the initial work of preparing the soil for planting. First, she uses her pocketknife to cut holes in the bottom of the barrel. The holes are to allow for easy drainage of water.

Next, Nora shovels the dirt into the barrel. After she has finished, Nora presents Mr. Myles with the dozen or so seed packets she has brought with her. As for Mr. Myles, he chooses his flowers carefully. To help him plant, Nora pushes Mr. Myles as close to the barrel as she can.

Mr. Myles has to plant from his wheelchair. The text tells us that he plants snapdragons, hollyhocks, and poppies.

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Nora is Mr. Myles’ caretaker in Seedfolks, and she is determined to get him involved in life again.  Mr. Myles is in a wheelchair and just observes the world without engaging with people or participating in events outside his home.  Nora decides to get Mr. Myles involved in the garden that is springing to life around them.  She buys a big, plastic trash bin, wheels Mr. Myles out to the garden, cuts holes in the bottom, and fills it full of dirt.  She has also bought packets of seeds, and she gets him to plant them in the barrel.

This simple act by Nora gets Mr. Myles interested in the garden and his life as well.  Once again, we see the garden begin to change peoples’ outlooks on life. Not only does the garden get Mr. Myles out in the community, it also gives him hope by tending to and nourishing the seeds that he plants. 

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