See, I Told You So Summary
by Rush Limbaugh

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See, I Told You So

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

SEE, I TOLD YOU SO is a long diatribe criticizing the Democratic Party and liberal politicians. The author begins with an introduction claiming that no personal attacks against individuals will be made, and then proceeds for more than 300 pages to launch personal attacks against President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and various other Democratic Party leaders.

Predictably, Limbaugh has a great deal to say about Christianity and family values as the only true ideals upon which to build American democracy. He contends that the welfare state destroys the incentive to achieve; he objects to increasing taxes on rich people, because in his view, rich people get that way by hard work. He cites statistics that seem to prove great economic growth during the Reagan Administration, and major economic disaster during the Clinton Administration.

Many of the typical liberal/conservative disagreements are addressed in the book. Limbaugh is against abortion, against gun control, against Clinton’s proposed health plan, against Al Gore’s environmental programs. He repeatedly calls both Clinton and Gore “socialists.” The book ends with a prediction of the downfall of liberalism and the Democratic Party, and Limbaugh’s own prescription for Republican/conservative victory.

While this book becomes tedious at times, and some of the author’s ideas are rather hard to accept, it should be required reading for all people who are not arch-conservatives. This is the extreme case, and the fact that Limbaugh has become so popular is an indication that he is not alone in his extreme views.