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See No Evil

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Marti MacAlister’s ten-year stint as a policewoman in Chicago frequently put her in danger, but as a police detective now in suburban Lincoln Prairie, she expects at least her home to be a safe haven. The reader knows better. A crazed stalker is insinuating himself into Marti’s and her teenaged daughter’s lives and Marti is unaware of the threat to their safety as he arranges his final moves.

After the shock of the death of her husband Johnny, Marti’s life is finally looking up again. Her childhood friend, Sharon, who became divorced shortly before Johnny’s death, invited Marti to share her home and expenses and in return, Sharon looks after Marti’s sixteen-year-old daughter Joanna and ten-year-old son Theo. Sharon’s daughter is nearly Joanna’s age, and Theo often has company as the mothers share babysitting responsibilities for Marti’s fiance’s ten-year-old son, Mike.

When the body of a young woman is found on the rocky edge of the lakeshore in Lincoln Prairie, Marti and her partner Vik suspect foul play. Their investigation leads them to a homeless man named Isaac who is searching for his missing buddy, Dare, who had been living in an abandoned building near the place where the body was discovered. Dare has not been seen for a week, and Isaac is picking up bad vibes about what might have happened to him. Then another body surfaces, witnesses report seeing oddities, a Halloween flasher is terrorizing the area, and Marti suddenly has more than enough on her mind to make her ignore what is happening in her own home. If she fails to find this killer in time, though, she will lose more than she ever dreamed.