Secret Society Girl Summary
by Diana Peterfruend

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Author Diana Peterfruend's first novel, Secret Society Girl, introduces readers to Amy Haskell, a junior at Eli University (a thinly veiled version of Peterfruend's alma mater, Yale). Amy is anticipating being chosen for Quill & Ink, one of the university's secret societies that isn't exactly under the radar, based on the fact that she is the editor of Eli's literary magazine. Amy is surprised yet pleased that she is "tapped" (chosen) for the elite secret society Rose & Grave. Amy's selection is even more surprising because no female students have ever been members of this particular society before. Once she experiences the otherworldly initiation ritual, Amy and the other female initiates in the class of D177 become targets and Amy's life will be forever changed. Being a Rose & Grave "digger" may be more than Amy bargained for. Bankrolled by the nation's political and economic leaders, Rose & Grave's future is in jeopardy when the alumni learn that women are being tapped for the D177 class. Several benefactors threaten to pull their funding and to make the lives of the D177 class a living hell.

Along with her new membership in a secret society, Amy has a new set of friends. Suddenly, Amy (a.k.a. Bugaboo) is rubbing shoulders with the sons of governors and senators instead of with her roommate and her part-time boyfriend. Amy has trouble juggling the new demands of her secret life, her academics and her extracurricular activities. Although there are great benefits that go along with being a digger, thereĀ are also tremendous dangers. Amy begins to worry that her affiliation with one of the nation's most clandestine organizations may have a negative impact on her future.

Peterfruend begins each chapter with a confessional, mirroring the R & G meetings, so that readers feel as if they are a part of the secrecy. Secret Society Girl is a fast-paced novel with a smart heroine whose fate is uncertain now that she is involved in Eli's underbelly.

Diana Peterfruend has penned a total of four novels in the Secret Society Girl series, including Under the Rose, Rites of Spring (Break), and Tap & Gown. She is also the author of Rampant, a novel for teens. She also contributed to Everything I Needed To Know About Being a Girl I Learned From Judy Blume.