The Secret Sharer

(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

The Captain

The Captain, the narrator and protagonist of the story, a young man who is beginning his first command. The nameless young Captain not only feels like a stranger to his ship but also feels like a stranger to himself. Being the youngest man on board, with the exception of the second mate, he doubts his abilities, and he wonders if on this first voyage he will turn out to be faithful to his own ideal conception of his personality, something that he believes all men secretly set up for themselves. His first real challenge comes with the arrival of the escaped murderer, Leggatt. He believes Leggatt’s story of a justified and accidental killing and makes every effort to conceal him from the rest of the crew, even though this leads his men to suspect his abilities even more than they might have ordinarily. At the end of the story, he ignores the warnings of his chief mate and takes the ship dangerously close to shore to allow Leggatt to escape. Through his concealment of Leggatt, he gains the authority and confidence necessary for command.


Leggatt, the chief mate of the Sephora, who has killed a man aboard his own ship and has swum to the young Captain’s ship to escape being taken back home to face trial. The character of Leggatt is not as clear-cut as those of the other characters in the story. For one thing, the only person who sees him in the story...

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