What details reveal Mary's excitement while exploring the garden in "The Secret Garden"?

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In chapter 9, Mary finally gets into the secret garden. Details that help the reader understand why she is excited include her sense of wonder to be in a place no one has entered for ten years. Further, Mary thinks of the garden as the

sweetest, most mysterious-looking place anyone could imagine.

She is also enchanted by the silence, saying,

“How still it is!” she whispered. “How still!”

She finds the gray arches between the trees "fairylike," and she is thrilled that, now that she knows how, she can visit the garden anytime she wants. She feels as if she has found her own, private world that nobody else knows about. We learn, too, that Mary grows excited as she realizes there is plant life in the garden, even in winter, for she sees "sharp, pale green points" that she thinks might be late winter flowers, like snowdrops or crocuses.

When she finally leaves the garden, we're told she had been "happy" her entire time there, busy weeding and clearing to reveal more "green points" growing. She is excited to have found a space that can be all hers.

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