What are two things that Mary enjoys about the outdoors in The Secret Garden?

Expert Answers

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Mary enjoys the way that being outside makes her body and mind feel. The more frash air and sunlight Mary gets, the happier and healthier she seems, and the brighter her outlook on life becomes.

Mary also really loves the idea of growing things outdoors. When she first starts clearing brish away from the shoots of new plants she's delighted, and this feeling keeps growing as she makes plans. She's so excited that, even once the plans she makes with Dickon are in place, she slyly tells Mr. Craven, when he asks her what she wants, about her desire to be a gardener. Without knowing Mary's true intentions, Mr. Craven gives her permission to grow things in the garden, and she is so ecstatic that she rushes immediately to find and tell Dickon.

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