In The Secret Garden, what did Mary tell Martha about her first night meeting with Colin?

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Mary knows she can trust the servant Martha with her secrets, so she tells her that she went exploring the night before and found Colin in his room. Mary informs Martha that she and Colin had a fruitful conversation. Mary says she told Colin about the robin, the secret garden, and life in India.

Martha is very surprised because, as she says, Colin refuses to allow anyone to look at him and is prone to throw severe tantrums when someone enters his room. Mary insists that Colin allowed her to look at him for a long time and did not get angry at her. She says Colin also drew back a curtain and allowed her to gaze at a portrait of his late mother.

Martha is astonished at this turn of events and says:

“I can scarcely believe thee [you]!” she protested. “It’s as if tha’d [you had] walked straight into a lion’s den.”

Martha is also worried she will get into trouble if anyone finds out that Mary knows about Colin. Martha is afraid she will be accused of revealing the secret. Mary assures her that nothing will happen and that she will not get into trouble.

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