Chapter 10 Summary

Leaving Mr. Verloc’s neighborhood, the Assistant Commissioner makes his way to the office of Sir Eldred, the Secretary of State. Toodles, Eldred’s private secretary, is surprised to find the Assistant Commissioner come so soon; he was told to expect him around midnight. However, the Assistant Commissioner explains that his investigation has not taken as long as expected. He is let in to see Sir Eldred at his desk.

Once inside, the Assistant Commissioner updates Eldred on the investigation. He says he has learned that Michaelis has nothing to do with the bombing. He says he has found Verloc, who appears to be one man behind the bombing, and that Verloc has told him everything. He explains that Verloc told him about the embassy man who put him to the bombing and that he did not intend for his brother-in-law Stevie to die in the bombing.

Eldred asks the Assistant Commissioner what he has done with Verloc, and he says he let him go. He doesn’t think that Verloc will try to flee because of his wife.

Leaving the Secretary’s office, the Assistant Commissioner goes off to the home of the society lady who is a friend to his wife as well as Michaelis. His wife and the lady are surprised to see him because he had previously told them he wouldn’t be able to attend. He says that Michaelis has been absolved off all involvement in the affair, and she is glad to hear that news.

He is then introduced to Mr. Vladimir, the Embassy employee responsible for putting Mr. Verloc up to the bombing, who is also a guest at the party that evening. The lady explains that Mr. Vladimir has been trying to convince them all evening how frightened they should be of the radical revolutionary elements. The Assistant Commissioner says that he has no doubt that Vladimir knows what he is talking about, given the revolutionary presence in his own country.

When Mr. Vladimir leaves, the Assistant Commissioner waits a moment and then follows him out. Outside the building he confronts Mr. Vladimir and tells him what he knows about his involvement with Mr. Verloc. Mr. Vladimir pleads ignorance, claiming that no one will believe a revolutionary, but the Assistant Commissioner says he has enough details to make Verloc’s story credible.

The Assistant Commissioner tells Vladimir that this investigation has proved beyond a doubt that the police should focus on removing all foreign spies from the city.