(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

For two days, the residents of Rihata await the arrival of Madou. When he arrives in Rihata to commemorate the anniversary of President Toumany’s overthrow of the previous government, Zek and several local officials greet him at the airport and take him to a reception in his honor. Afterward, Madou goes to Zek’s home and tells Zek’s wife, Marie-Hélène, that he plans to leave Rihata for the village of Farokodoba soon to meet with officials from a neighboring country as a representative of President Toumany.

Madou and Inawale, his chauffeur, arrive in Farokodoba. While Madou negotiates with the men representing Lopez de Arias, the leader of the neighboring country, Inawale wanders around the village, followed by a man named Victor. Victor convinces Inawale to go to a bar with him and puts a drug in Inawale’s drink. Victor steals Inawale’s money and gun, after trying to find out from him why Madou is in the village. Victor and two of his friends who were at the bar go to see Muti, Victor’s aunt, and tell her what Victor did to Inawale. Muti is angry because she suspects that the police will soon be looking for them. Her concerns prove to be justified. She is arrested after a Toumany supporter tells Madou of Muti’s relationship with the individual who drugged and robbed Inawale. When Victor finds out that Muti was arrested and taken to Rihata, he goes there to assist her.

Upon arriving in Rihata, Victor goes to a bar. By coincidence, Zek enters the same bar. When Victor discovers his relationship to Madou, he follows Zek out of the bar. Victor tells Zek that he is heading to N’Daru, the capital, to see his brother, but that he needs a place to stay overnight. Zek allows him to stay in his garage. The following morning, Victor learns from Christophe, Zek’s nephew, the location of Madou’s residence. After leaving Zek’s home, Victor heads to another bar. A procession of vehicles passes by the bar, and Victor finds out that people involved in the assault against Inawale are being taken to N’Daru in the procession. Victor heads back to Zek’s house and sees Madou and Marie-Hélène talking with each other. Victor decides to kill Madou in retribution for Muti’s arrest.


(The entire section is 908 words.)