Topics for Further Study

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Research the theory of evolution, focusing on the time when scientists theorize that creatures emerged from the water to the land. Using your research, discuss what scientists believed compelled these animals to leave the water and compare this motivation to the depiction of the lizards, Leslie and Sarah, in Seascape.

Explore readings about interpersonal communication and marriage. How could Nancy and Charlie have solved their differences more constructively? Compare their communication style to that of Sarah and Leslie.

Research the effects of retirement on the retiree and his or her partner. What changes take place?

Discuss options Nancy and Charlie could explore as retirees. How does Nancy's dream of moving from beach to beach fit in with your findings?

Compare and contrast the two couples in Seascape with the troubled couple depicted in Albee's famous play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1962). What common communication issues do these couples share?

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