In Search of America

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Well-known news anchor Peter Jennings and historian Todd Brewster tackle the mammoth task of correctly representing America as a melting pot of many diverse people facing many challenging issues. Each of the six chapters focuses on a different geographical area of the United States with its unique challenges, problems, and attributes that have helped make America what it is today. The authors search for vital links and relationships between the founding principles that established the independence of America in the latter 1700’s and the ideals that govern this great nation today.

Set in South Carolina, chapter one uses the creation versus evolution debate to focus on issues of religious freedom and free speech. Centered in Washington, D.C., the second chapter involves the ongoing argument of a strong federal government versus states’ rights. With Gary, Indiana, serving as a primary example, chapter three is a reminder of the continuing existence of racial inequality in America. The roots of American entrepreneurship and modern business take center stage in Plano, Texas, in chapter four. Moving west to Boulder, Colorado, the fifth chapter explores American entertainment and the rearing of children in America. The closing chapter looks at population growth, particularly Latinos, in America, with Salt Lake City, Utah, serving as a prototype.

Throughout the book, sidebars, amplified discussions, marvelous pictures, and short biographies help paint the interconnections between America’s past and present. Although some misrepresentations of people and cultures occur in this broad-brushed approach, a firm path is clearly woven that shows why America is united and strong, even though the foundation principles have been challenged from time to time. In Search of America reaffirms the fundamental political and moral strength of the United States.