Sean O'Casey Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Along with his drama, Sean O’Casey wrote verse, political tracts, historical sketches, essays, dramatic criticism, short stories, and an extensive six-volume autobiography: I Knock at the Door (1939), Pictures in the Hallway (1942), Drums Under the Windows (1945), Inishfallen, Fare Thee Well (1949), Rose and Crown (1952), and Sunset and Evening Star (1954). The autobiography is also available in a two-volume edition, Mirror in My House (1956). Early in his career, O’Casey published two volumes of poetry: Songs of the Wren (1918) and More Wren Songs (1918). His political pamphlets include The Story of Thomas Ashe (1918), The Sacrifice of Thomas Ashe (1918), and The Story of the Irish Citizen Army (1919). O’Casey’s two essay collections are The Flying Wasp (1937) and The Green Crow (1956). His essays, criticism, short stories, and verse have been collected in several anthologies, including Windfalls (1934), Feathers from the Green Crow: Sean O’Casey, 1905-1925 (1962), Under a Colored Cap (1963), and Blasts and Benedictions (1967).