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Byrne, John. Review of The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, edited by Seamus Deane. Agenda 33, Nos. 3-4 (Autumn-Winter 1996): 272-82.

Details the contents of the anthology with respect to the aims of its editors, singling out Deane who "deserves tremendous credit for his personal contribution."

Kilfeather, Siobhan. "The Whole Bustle." London Review of Books 14, No. 1 (9 January 1992): 20-1.

Reviews The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, emphasizing the politics of its compilation.

Quinlan, Kieran. "Under Northern Lights: Re-visioning Yeats and the Revival." In Yeats and Postmodernism, edited by Leonard Orr, pp. 64-79. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 1991.

Examines Yeats and the Irish Revival in terms of new historicism thought espoused by Deane and others of the Field Day group.

Westendorp, Tjebbe A. "Songs of Battle: Some Contemporary Irish Poems and the Troubles." In The Clash of Ireland: Literary Contrasts and Connections, edited by C. C. Barfoot and Theo D'haen, pp. 223-33. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1989.

Identifies the range of attitudes towards "the troubles" in contemporary Irish poetry, summarizing Deane's as "Brits Out."