Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Maddoux’s vision of the Apocalypse is one of a world unified by new religion and imperialism working hand in hand to promote evil through the persecution of anyone classified as “subhuman” or “negative.” The evil in this future world of 2033 is played out on several moral levels, including the direct threat toward anyone rejecting the new Gaia religion, the legal right to commit suicide or murder dependents, and the misuse of science to kill entire towns.

The forces of good work through faith and quiet outreach at first until they are faced with having to choose a biochip called the seal of Gaia or lose civil and economic rights. In the first two-thirds of the novel. the Christians convert through living their faithful life and witnessing to those loved ones whom they think they can reach. Once the seal is promoted, they turn to military resistance and even join forces with non-Christians to oppose the new Social Order.

The battle between good and evil, the dominant theme of The Seal of Gaia, is then fought on every level. While this battle plays out on a grand scale as towns are destroyed, people are poisoned, and religion is forced on the masses, the real struggle is in the individual. Time and again, Maddoux offers his characters choices between moral and immoral actions and opportunities to accept Jesus and witness to others.