What is the critical analysis of Chekhov's "The Seagull"?

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The link below has extensive criticism of the Seagull from a variety of eminent sources, including Virginia Scott, who writes:

Close observation of the text reveals several structural patterns. The characters exist along a continuum from nonentity to identity to nonentity. Identity is a product of role or profession. At the one end are the three “children,” Treplev, Nina, and Masha, who lack identity because they do not participate in the business of adult life; in the center are Trigorin, the writer, Arkadina, the actress, Medvedenko, the teacher, Shamrayev, the steward, Polina, the wife, and Dorn, the doctor (more or less in the order in which their professional roles absorb them); at the other end is Sorin, retired from his profession and also lacking identity.

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