The Scottish Chiefs

by Jane Porter

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Characters Discussed

Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace, a Scottish patriot of the thirteenth century. He seeks to free Scotland from the domination of the English. He is a courageous leader and becomes regent of Scotland. His success is envied by other Scottish nobles, and he is delivered into the hands of the English, who execute him as a traitor.

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce, a claimant to the Scottish throne. He joins Wallace’s patriots and after Wallace’s death assumes leadership, freeing Scotland by defeating the English at Bannockburn. During the wars, he calls himself the Count de Longueville. He becomes king of Scotland after Bannockburn.

Sir John Monteith

Sir John Monteith, a Scottish nobleman who gives Wallace a mysterious box that is not to be opened until Scotland is free. Monteith later turns against Wallace and betrays him to the English.

The earl of Mar

The earl of Mar, an elderly Scots nobleman and patriot who is Wallace’s friend. He is killed while fighting the English.

Lady Mar

Lady Mar, the earl’s wife, who wants to marry Wallace when she is a widow and he a widower. He refuses her and wins her enmity. It is her false accusation of treason that causes Wallace’s death. She disguises herself for a time as the Knight of the Green Plume.

Lady Wallace

Lady Wallace, Sir William Wallace’s wife. She is killed by the English when she refuses to betray her husband.

The abbot of St. Fillan

The abbot of St. Fillan, a loyal Scot who keeps the mysterious iron box through the war. The box contains the Scottish crown and royal vestments.

Edwin Ruthven

Edwin Ruthven, a faithful adherent to Wallace who dies defending his leader.

The earl of Gloucester

The earl of Gloucester, an English nobleman who sides with the Scots, believing his father-in-law, Edward I, to be wrong in claiming Scotland as his.

Lady Helen Mar

Lady Helen Mar, a daughter of Lord Mar. She loves Wallace and marries him on the eve of his execution.

Lord de Valence

Lord de Valence, an English nobleman held as a hostage by Wallace.

Lord Cummins

Lord Cummins, a Scottish nobleman who distrusts Wallace’s ambitions. He becomes regent after Wallace resigns.

Isabella Mar

Isabella Mar, a daughter of Lord Mar. She becomes Robert Bruce’s queen.

Edward I

Edward I, the king of England.

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