Scott Spencer Brigitte Weeks - Essay

Brigitte Weeks

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Endless Love] is like quicksand. Beneath the surface it seethes, inhales and sucks the reader down. Fictional life with Scott Spencer is no relaxation, no refuge from the city or the suburbs. His is an all-encompassing, near-suffocating world that forces involvement and is unwilling to relinquish us to mere daily life. (p. 1)

The boundaries between sanity and madness are blurred in Endless Love…. We do not know if David is insane. His intricate self-analysis lays out every layer of his obsession with Jade. She herself is almost a cypher and seems too matter-of-fact to inspire such devotion. We are not really concerned with her. It is as if we were looking through the lens of a...

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