Scott Spencer

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Scott Spencer 1945–

American novelist.

Spencer is best known for Endless Love (1979), the story of sixteen-year-old David Axelrod's obsessive love for Jade Butterfield. Although young adults may be attracted to the book because of its adolescent protagonist, it is not a "teen romance." Spencer focuses on David's possessive, destructive love and portrays it with an unrelenting intensity that some critics found overwhelming. Others thought that Spencer's powerful writing was instrumental in making his story believable and found it a welcome contrast to what Larry Swindell called "the emotional timidity of most American fiction." Most critics consider Endless Love a serious work of fiction and were generally impressed with Spencer's talent. The book was made into a motion picture.

Spencer's earlier novels, Last Night at the Brain Thieves Ball (1973) and Preservation Hall (1978), also deal with characters whose uncontrollable desires place them at odds with the rest of the world.

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