Scott Sommer Critical Essays


Scott Sommer 1951–

American novelist and short story writer.

Sommer writes with a clear vision of the effects of society on contemporary youth. In prose that is alternately comic and brooding, he portrays young people coming to terms with life, love, and self in worlds that are often confusing and impersonal.

Sommer's first novel, Nearing's Grace, attempts to capture the nuances of the adolescent sensibility. His grasp of the vernacular and psychology of his characters supply the reader with insights into the pill-popping generation.

Sommer's astute understanding of the difficulties of being young in a rapidly changing world comes into play again in his second novel, Last Resort. In this work, a new college graduate faces the reality that he has no career goals and little personal security. As is true of all of Sommer's fiction, Last Resort moves beyond the perimeters of its story to make observations on the morality of contemporary society.

(See also Contemporary Authors, Vol. 106.)