Science Nuclear Decay Quiz

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Nuclear Decay Quiz

Test your knowledge of nuclear decay products and half-lives.

  • Question 1

    The mass of a sample of cobalt-60 decreases in mass from 16.0 grams to 4.0 grams in 10.5 years. What is the half-life of cobalt-60?

  • Question 2

    What is the product of beta-decay of copper-66?

  • Question 3

    An alpha particle has a mass of _________ and charge of _________.

  • Question 4

    A  ____________ is  particle that has the same mass as an electron but has the opposite charge. 

  • Question 5

    A beta particle is a high-energy____________.

  • Question 6

    Lead-206 is produced by radioactive decay of a polonium isotope. What kind of decay is this?

  • Question 7

    Which of these types of radiation is the least penetrating?

  • Question 8

    What is the product of alpha-decay of uranium-238?

  • Question 9

    The conversion of an atom of one element to an atom of another element is called (a)

  • Question 10

    Thorium-234 has a half-life of 22 days. How many days does it take for 87.5 of a sample to decay?

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