Why can't I ever remember my dreams?

Ironically, I NEVER DREAM (that I remember)... not that I'm aware of. I Need some HELP...

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According to the many sites I visited, everyone dreams. The problem arises in remembering dreams, not the lack of dreams.

People tend to have multiple dreams every night. Sometimes remembering a specific dream becomes hard based upon the fact that many different dreams are intertwined.

One site suggested that as much as fifty percent of dream knowledge is lost after five minutes of the dream ending and ninety percent is lost after only ten minutes.

Another site provides much more specific information about forgetting dreams:

It seems likely that all of us forget 95-99% of our dreams for the very ordinary reason that we sleep right through them and aren't paying attention to remembering anything.

To make a suggestion, try to go to sleep making the decision to try and remember your dreams. Focusing on remembering your dreams may help you to remember them. Another good way to remember dreams is to keep a dream diary next to your bed. When you wake up write anything down that you remember. In other words, train your brain to pay attention and recall the dreams you have had.

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