Which would be the greatest advancement in the Communications Technology Industry?

Iphones are overrated. Are there any other advancements that should be just as appreciated? (Over the past ten-twenty years.)

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This is a great question. I would say that there have been many leaps and bounds in the area of communications. The iphone is pretty remarkable, but there are other developments that are even more important.

In the last twenty years, I would say that the most important advancement in communication technology has been the development of the internet/worldwide web. If you think about it, the internet has changed almost every facet of life. Let me give you a few example.

Knowledge was difficult to gain twenty years ago. You would have to go to a library and research. Now it can be done online with a few key strokes. This alone is amazing. Though the internet, we have had an information explosion. Or we can say that we have democratized knowledge.

Second, the internet has transformed the way we communicate: emails, instant messages, blogs, facebook, and so much more. Third, the internet has also shaped the way we shop. More and more people are shopping online. In time, I am sure that there will be many more developments in time.

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