Which type of nose is this?





I read that there are different names and types of noses.  Which one is this?

Expert Answers

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Last year, professor Abraham Tamir published an article in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery on various noses.  He studied and photographed hundreds of noses on various people in public places and ultimately determined that there are 14 basic types of noses based on size, shape, and "fleshyness."  Based on the photos you provided in the links above and comparing them to photos of the various noses, I would say the nose in question is aquiline, particularly due to the lowness of the central septum.  According to the article, this nose is indicative of a person who is a tactician with a business-like mind.  It should be noted that based on the sample group, it is unlikely that this study encompasses a large number of ethnic groups.

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