Which organelles are more likely to be concentrated in the following cells?

There is a direct relationship between the concentration of an organelle in a cell and the overall function of the cell. So which organelles are more likely to be concentrated in the following cells?


a) Insulin, protein, is made in some of the cells that form the Isles of Langerhan of the pancreas.

b) Bacteria are destroyed by the white blood cells in the human body.

c) A group of skeletal muscle cells contracts in the presence of energy.

d) Once insulin is formed, it is modified and shipped across the cell or plasma membrane.

e) Fat is stored in cells called adipocytes of the human body.

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A. The ribosomes are where proteins are assembled in the cell, so heavy concentrations of ribosomes would likely occur here.

B. The lysosomes are the eradicators of undesirable materials, such as waste products or foreign material that needs disposal.

C. The mitochondria are the "energy producers" of the cell; cells like muscle cells, that have a heightened need for energy production need more mitochondria.

D. The endoplasmic reticulum is like "Fed-Ex" for the cell; it is responsible for the modification and transport of the product within the cell.

E. Vacuoles are storage containers within the cell; they usually hold water and waste materials, but could potentially hold fats as storage containers as well.

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