What would be the result of two plants enclosed in a bottle for two weeks in a closed ecosystem?

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What you are asking about is probably a terrarium, which is a small closed ecosystem. Yes, theoretically it is possible to have a closed ecosystem by sealing plants in a bottle.

Simple closed ecosystems are built by people by carefully providing all of the necessary ingredients for plant life to continue. These ingredients include adequate water, fertile soil, some activated carbon for cleaning the water, etc. Plants, once put inside the sealed clear containers, will carry out photosynthesis as long as they are placed in sun. A mini water cycle would be established as the processes of evapotranspiration, evaporation, condensation and precipitation take place, thus recycling the water. The dead leaves would be decomposed by soil microbes and nutrients would thus be recycled as well. Some of these systems can last for a very long time, sometimes years.

One of the links will take you to Roosevelt's Terrariums, where such items are sold.

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