What are two types of forces that are not mechanical?

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There are four types of forces (and toghether with them four types of force fields) that we know and consider today. These forces are : gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear weak, and nuclear strong.

The gravitational force and electromagnetic force, are due to long range interaction between masses and respectively charges. The nuclear strong and nuclear weak forces are due to confinement of nucleons (protons and neutrons) is a very small space (atom nucleus) and are short range forces.

In mechanics, the forces that appear are of the type gravitational (like mechanical forces between two planets) and electromagnetic (like the friction force between two masses that is due in essence to electromagnetic attraction).  Because of their short range, the nuclear strong and nuclear weak forces are not involved in mechanical processes and does not appear in mechanics.

Today physics is working to unify all the above four types of forces into a single one. What this means is that physicists want to demonstrate that each type of force is a different side view of the same force (like different facets of the same geometric figure).

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