What is the real life application of a fish aquarium? 

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Fish aquariums are usually made from transparent glass in which aquatic organisms are placed. All aquariums should contain the necessary components in order for the fishes to live. It is necessary to have a normal (healthy) interaction between the fishes and the environment to ensure the safety of the living organisms. Note that not all fishes have the same habitat; some live in salty places while others prefer freshwater. Fishes are also sensitive with the temperature of the water.

Household fish aquariums are small and convenient for household decorations or displays. Larger aquarium fish tanks are used for industrial processes such as breeding of fingerlings for fish pens. Aquariums are also used by scientist for isolation of new fish species for further studies and explorations. Aquariums can also be used for public viewing such as oceanariums, reef aquariums or penguin sanctuaries. 

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