What do organic compounds do that cause environmental issues?

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Organic compounds are compounds that contain carbon. There are a very large number of organic compounds around us, including those contained in our very own bodies and those in plants, animals, etc. Apart from those, most of our fuels, food, medicines, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., are either organic or contain some organic components. Thus they are all around us.

The combustion of these organic products generates carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming and consequently climate change. Fossil fuel combustion is a big issue. Organic materials also contaminate our water bodies and their decomposition depletes the dissolved oxygen content of these waters, thus making life more difficult for zooplanktons, phytoplanktons, and all affected aquatic organisms, apart from causing odor issues to the surroundings. Many organic compounds also act as food and nutrients for microorganisms (including pathogens) which can become a cause of concern.

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