What does it mean when a scientist specializes in something?

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When a scientists specializes in something, he or she focuses on a particular line of study in which he or she becomes an expert.

Below are some examples of specialties within the sciences.

  •  Acoustics is the study of sounds
  • Anthropology is the study of origin of the physical, social, and cultural developments of humans.
  • Cellular biology is the study of cells.
  • Neuroscience studies nerves and the brain.
  • Ecology is the study of ecosystems.
  • Genetics is the study of genes and inheritance.
  • Hematology is the study of blood.
  • Pediatrics provide medical care to infants, children, and adolescents.
  • Botany is the extension of science that deals with the structures, functions, and variations of plants.
  • Oceanography is the study of life within the oceans.
  • Meteorology is the study of weather and climate patterns.

Here is a list of other specialties within the sciences.

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