what is the independent, dependent, and control variables?

 The question is you water three sunflower plants with salt water. Each plant receives a different concentration of salt solutions. A fourth plant receives pure water. After a two-week period, the height is measured.            

i think the indepent variable is sunflower plants, the dependent variable is height measured and the control variable is the fourth plant. Am i right

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The control is the plant that receives only pure water. It is referred to as the control, not control variable.

The dependent variable is the height of each of the sunflower plants after the two week period.

The independent variable, the one you are controlling, is the amount of salt water that each plant is receiving.

You are trying to determine how the height of the plant depends on the amount of salt water it received.

In general, the independent variable is the one you are changing. The dependent variable change in some manner as a result of the changes you made in the independent variable.

The sunflower plants are one of a number of constants in the experiment. You would want each plant to receive the same amount of light, using the same seeds, the same soil mixture, etc.

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