Give the direction of the net external force acting on a crate being pulled to the right with a force of 93.5 N, to the left with a force of 118.9 N, upward with a force of 546.5 N, and downward with a force of 243.6 N.


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Because the vertical and horizontal forces are perpendicular to one another, we can find the net force in each direction independently of the other.

So, the net force in the horixontal (X) direction would be:

Fx = 93.5N +(-118.9N) = -25.4 N  or 25.4N toward the left.

Fy = 546.5 N + (-243.6N) = 302.9 N up.

We can now use Pythagoras's Formula to find the net force:

Fnet = Sqrt(Fx^2 + Fy^2) = Sqrt(645.16 + 91748)N = 304N

The angle can be determined by

Theta = tan^-1(-302.9/25.4) = -85.2 degrees.

Fnet = 304N at -85.2 degrees.



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