What is a brushless RC motor? Is it the same as a brushless DC motor?

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A brushless RC motor is the electric motor that is used in a radio-controlled car. Because the radio-controlled car is using battery power, the brushless motor in the car is the same thing as a DC brushless motor. The DC stands for "direct current," and that is what batteries use. AC, alternating current, is the electrical flow that is used in your house; however, with so many devices that have backup battery power, it is common for the AC in your house to be converted into DC power. That's what the "brick" is for in the power cord of your laptop or video game console. Direct current is called direct current because the electrons flow in a single direction, and that is what a battery will do. Charge will flow from one battery terminal to the other. The brushless motor part just refers to the way the motor is set up with reference to the electric charge and the location and manipulation of the magnetic fields.

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