What apparatus can be used to measure the amount of water lost when boiling it?

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Boiling is the rapid vaporization of a liquid (water, in our case). The process is characterized by molecules escaping the liquid by possessing sufficient kinetic energy. This process happens all the time, but in such low occurrences that other molecules (some of which may be already present in the air) return to the liquid. By increasing the temperature of the liquid (or more accuratley, by increasing the internal energy of the liquid), these molecules start to have more kinetic energy, escaping the liquid more easily.

When such molecules escape the liquid, as long as you ensure that they don't return to the liquid, the liquid will lose mass.

So, to measure the amount of water lost to boiling you just need a weighing scale. Measure the initial mass of the water you have and then measure the final mass you have after boiling it. The difference between these values represents the mass of water lost.

Remember that this process of heating and vaporizing is continuous, so you'll be losing mass at increasing rates as you heat the water.

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