What are 10 analogies of a plant cell cityThe analogies have to relate to one common theme and the analogy should have the name of the organelle and the analogous underlined. It should also explain the relationship between the 2 objects ( functionally and/or structurally)

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Imagine a plant cell as a city.  The mitochondrion is the power plant, providing energy to all parts of the city.  The vacuole is the land fill, storing harmful waste products safely within the city.  The nucleus is city hall, controlling all activity that occurs in the city.  The endoplasmic reticulum is the subway, connecting different parts of the city.  The cell wall is the city's wall, surrounding the city and protecting it.  The cell membrane is the gate in the city's wall, allowing helpful citizens into the city and keeping out harmful ones.  The golgi bodies are post offices, labeling packages and shipping goods throughout the city.  The cytoplasm is the residential area of the city, providing a safe and comfortable place for the citizens to live.  The chloroplasts are the city's grocery stores, providing food and nurishment to the city.  Finally, the ribosomes are the people of the city, working together for the common good.

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